Stamos Germany – S-MMA 250.IGBT – Welder

Stamos Germany – S-MMA 250.IGBT – Welder

With the S-MMA 250.IGBT electrode welding machine from Stamos Germany, you will find a professional, innovative, and high-quality device for various repair and maintenance tasks. The welding machine is suitable for electrode welding with a direct current. In the case of hand-held welding, also MMA welding, an electric arc is formed between the base material and a rod electrode. The electrode functions as both current conductor, a protective gas, and as a filler.

Adjustable Welding Current

The welding current of the S-MMA 250.IGBT stick welder is adjustable in the range of 20 and 250 amperes. The device can thus be optimally adapted to your particular needs. Thanks to the integrated hot-start function, even the ignition of problematic electrodes is guaranteed since an automatic voltage increase is generated at start-up.

Compact and Robust Design

The compact design and the robust steel housing make the S-MMA 200.IGBT electrode welding machine the ideal companion in the workshop or on the construction site. For repair and maintenance work indoors and outdoors, it is suitable for stick/electrode welding (MMA welding). The body is made of powder-coated steel sheet, ensuring durability and longevity.

Mobile Use

The 8-meter welding cable with electrode holder and the ground cable with clamp guarantee a versatile application, high comfort, and easy accessibility, even within difficult and restricted working environments. The S-MMA 250.IGBT welder operates on 230V and has an open circuit voltage of 56V. With a duty cycle of 60%, it provides reliable and efficient performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this welding machine be used for outdoor projects?

Yes, the S-MMA 250.IGBT welder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor repair and maintenance work.

2. What is the duty cycle of this welding machine?

The duty cycle of the S-MMA 250.IGBT welder is 60%, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.

3. Does this welding machine have a hot-start function?

Yes, the integrated hot-start function facilitates the ignition of the arc, even with problematic electrodes.


The Stamos Germany S-MMA 250.IGBT electrode welding machine is a reliable and versatile tool for various repair and maintenance tasks. With its adjustable welding current, compact design, and robust construction, it provides professional and high-quality results. Whether you are working in a workshop or on a construction site, this welding machine is the ideal companion for stick/electrode welding (MMA welding). Experience the convenience and efficiency of the S-MMA 250.IGBT welder for yourself.

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