FUNNY COSTUMES T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Child Size 4-12

FUNNY COSTUMES T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Child Size 4-12

FUNNY COSTUMES T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Child Size 4-12


Get ready for some roaring fun with the FUNNY COSTUMES T-Rex Dinosaur Costume! Perfect for children aged 4-12, this costume will transform your little one into a fearsome T-Rex. Let their imagination run wild as they stomp around in this realistic and comfortable costume.

Main Features

Realistic Design

The T-Rex Dinosaur Costume features a realistic design that will make your child feel like they’ve traveled back in time. The attention to detail, from the scales to the sharp teeth, is sure to impress everyone at the costume party.

Comfortable Fit

We understand that comfort is important, especially for children. That’s why this costume is made from high-quality materials that are soft and breathable. Your child can wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Easy to Wear

Putting on and taking off the T-Rex Dinosaur Costume is a breeze. It comes with a convenient zipper closure, allowing your child to get dressed quickly and easily. No more struggling with complicated costume fastenings!

Size Options

The costume is available in child sizes 4-12, ensuring a perfect fit for your little one. Please refer to the size chart to select the appropriate size for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the costume be washed?

Yes, the T-Rex Dinosaur Costume can be washed. We recommend following the care instructions provided to ensure the longevity of the costume.

2. Is the costume suitable for outdoor play?

While the costume is designed for indoor use, it can also be worn outdoors. However, please be cautious as the costume may get dirty or damaged more easily when worn outside.

3. Can the costume be adjusted for a better fit?

The costume has some flexibility in terms of fit, but it is recommended to select the appropriate size based on the child’s measurements. Adjustments can be made using the attached straps and fastenings.


The FUNNY COSTUMES T-Rex Dinosaur Costume is a must-have for any child who loves dinosaurs. With its realistic design, comfortable fit, and easy wearability, this costume will provide hours of fun and imaginative play. Get ready to unleash your child’s inner T-Rex!

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